Short Bio


I live in Utrecht, together with my partner and our two children. I like to get my hands dirty in our ‘urban’ garden (read: small), trying to make some plants grow and stop other plants from growing. As a family, we also like to travel to exotic places.


I obtained my Master’s degree in social psychology (cum laude) and cognitive psychology (cum laude) in March 2004 from the University of Amsterdam. In 2003, I spent one semester at the University of California, Berkeley, to work in the lab of prof. Dacher Keltner on the facial coding of emotions. I received my PhD (cum laude) in November 2008 from the VU University of Amsterdam on a project called ‘Dealing with negative feelings.’ In this project, under supervision of Prof. Sander Koole and Dr. Dirk Heslenfeld, I examined the role of working memory process in the experience of negative feelings using, among other techniques, functional brain imaging (fmri). After my PhD I spent a few years as a post-doctoral researcher, first at Utrecht University (with prof. Kees van den Bos), working on the interplay between attention and emotion in moral judgments, and later at Leiden University (with Prof. Wilco van Dijk and Dr. Mark Rotteveel) working on emotion perception.  In 2010 I visited New York University for six months to work with Dr. Lasana Harris (now at University College London) to study contextual influences on mimicry of emotional expressions. In 2012 I became an assistant professor and in 2016 an associate professor at the Social, Economic and Organizational Psychology unit of Leiden University where I still work today.

Teaching present

  • Introduction to Social and Organizational Psychology (1st year undergraduate)
  • Brain Hedonics (Honor’s class on Cognition)
  • Research project (Brain and Cognition minor)
  • Research Apprenticeship in Psychology (Research Master Program)
  • Social Judgement and Decision Making (Research Master Program)
  • Social Psychology in Organisations (Bachelor Program S&O)
  • Thesis Supervision (Master Program S&O, Master Program ECP, and Research Master Program)

Teaching past

  • Cooperation and Conflict (undergraduate)
  • Emotions and Irrationality in Consumer Behavior (Master Program ECP)
  • Emotions in Consumer Psychology (undergraduate)
  • Motivation science (Social Psychology Research Master Program, VU University)
  • Research Seminar (Psychology and Health Research Master, Utrecht University)
  • Social Psychology (Leiden University College)

Honors and awards

Impact grant (€2,500). Kurt Lewin Institute. June 2019.

Seedcorn grant (€10,000). With Dr Sigrid Wingerden (PI), Dr Gabry Vanderveen. Criminal Law and Criminology, Leiden University. December 2018.

‘Work hard, play hard. Neuropsychological correlates and behavioral implications of hedonic compensation’ (€553,254). With Prof. Wilhelm Hofmann (Co-PI) & Dr Henk van Steenbergen (Co-I). Open Research Area (ORA). September 2018

‘Conditioning of insulin responses. A high risk – high gain intervention for diabetes type-2’ (€100,000). With Prof. Andrea Evers (PI), Prof. Hanno Pijl, Dr Judy Veldhuizen, & Drs Alexandrina Skvortsova. Diabetesfonds & ZonMW. July 2018

‘Visualisation during interrogation.’ (€103,000). With Dr Willem-Jan Verhoeven (PI; Erasmus School of Law) and Dr Gabry Vanderveen (Erasmus School of Law). Politie en wetenschap [Police and Science]. December 2017

‘Attention to taste. The neuropsychological mechanisms of taste perception and hedonic consumption.’ (€25,000). Gratama Foundation. May 2014

Teacher of the year 2013. Institute of Psychology, Leiden University. December 2013.

‘Ire and Punishment. The Role of Negative Emotions and Attentional Control in Children’s, Adolescents’ and Adults’ Punishment.’(£209,000).  With Dr Michaela Gummerum (PI: Developmental Psychology, Plymouth University, UK) and Prof. dr. Eric van Dijk (Social and Organizational Psychology, Leiden University, the Netherlands). Economic and Social Research Counsil. February 2012

Seed corn grant (€2,000). European Association of Experimental Social Psychology. December 2009.

Other academic activities

Editor for Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology

Editorial board member for: Motivation Science; Cognition and Emotion; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Fellow of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology

Program chair for the social track of the APS annual convention

Impact Committee member for  the Kurt Lewin institute, The Netherlands

Psychology ethics committee  member (CEP) at Leiden University

Ad hoc reviewer for: Appetite, Aggressive Behaviour, Biological Psychology, British Journal of Social Psychology, Cognition and Emotion, Cognitive Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience, Consciousness and Cognition, Cortex, Emotion, European Journal of Social Psychology, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Human Brain Mapping, International Journal of Relationship Studies, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Journal of Experimental Psychology – General, Journal of Experimental Psychology – Human Perception and Performance, Journal of Experimental Psychology – Learning, Memory, and Cognition, Journal of Media Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Motivation and Emotion, Motivation Science, Neuropsychologia, PLOS-One, Psychological Science, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Social Cognition, Social Neuroscience, Social Psychology and Personality Bulletin